Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mordheim Plague Cart 

This is what I've been working on lately.

I must admit it was an absolute pain to put together. The base of the cart was warped along with two of the sides too which threw everything out. The gaps were plugged slowly with green stuff. After the first layer cured I found it had shrunk so I started from scratch again.

When I thought I was getting thre I then discovered that the wheels wouldn't fit unless I boosted the height of the axles...

After priming I started on the paint job. Basecoat as vallejo ivory. I then added green oils to weather the cart adding a few streaks here and there. Wood grain was pretty straight forward using variuos browns and beiges to build up the grain.

 The details were done using some Scale 75paints. Using purples, greens and a deep crimson.

 Up next were the wheels and horses. I painted the wheels like this just in case I got metallics on the cart whilst the oils were drying out.

I used a variation on an old rotting flesh recipe for the horse heads..

It only just fits on the base supplied..

 Next up was the freehand designs... 

I used the same unnatural colours on the driver too.

Dry fit before some proper pics :-)

....and the finished article....

Cheers DB.


  1. Stunning and I love that range, one of these days I'll get some :)

  2. Great work, this is the first time I've seen a plague cart painted and you've don a cracking job, love the freehand on the posters

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