Dwarf Slayers

Pre-slotta DS9 Slayer & Berserker

 Citadel Norse Berserkers & Kimril Giantslayer, Lord of Legend

MM10 Slayer  

MM16 Giant Slayers & Troll Slayers

Marauder Troll Slayers

King Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King

Gotrek Gurnisson (1st & 2nd versions available with Felix, 3rd came asa shield bearer to the White Dwarf 30th anniversary limited edition)

Giant Slayers

Dragon Slayer, Warhammer Quest Slayer, Dragon Slayer & Daemon Slayers

Troll Slayer Command

 Standard Variants

Talisman Slayer, Battle for Skull Pass Slayers

 Mordheim Pit Fighter, Troll Slayer, Treasure Hunter Slayer, Blood Bowl Star Player Grim Ironjaw

Latest Version of Giant Slayers

Games Day 2006 Slayer

Long Drongs Slayer Pirates

Garagrim Ironfist

 White Dwarf XXX

Malakai Makaisson & Goblin Hewer Crew


Forgeworld Dragon Slayer

Plastic Dragon Slayer

There are of course 2 unreleased slayers, pictures borrowed from Stunties until I find my own :-)

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