Citadel Miniatures: 2006 - 2011

The final part of the Citadel Dwarfs in metal starting from the 3rd Army Book to the last metal dwarf and finally a couple of limited editions to complete the list


3rd Army Book 

High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer

Dwarf Lords; with hammer & shield, with pistol & shield, with great weapons

2 Runesmiths

4 Master Engineers

Bolt Thrower

Grudge Thrower

Black Library Gotrek & Felix diorama

Battle for Skull Pass

  Unreleased metal slayer from Battle for Skull Pass

Games Day 2006 - Slayer

2007 / 2008

White Dwarf XXX

Dwarf Lord on Oath Stone with Standard Bearer, Dwarf Champion, Joseph Bugman with  Stool / axe

New variant Slayers

Slayer standard tops

Unreleased Dwarf Warriors, Brian Nelson Dwarf

White Dwarf: Brian Nelson interview

2008 -2011


The last metal dwarfs: Grombrindal, Grombrindal in Space, 'Ancestor One' the Dwarf Aviator


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