Citadel Miniatures 1993 - 1999

Citadel Dwarfs part 2 

Carrying on from the 1992 red catalogue, the next ‘wave’ of releases came about in 1993 at the same time as the first army book. The majority of the dwarf line were from Marauder Miniatures and were heavily featured in the army book mostly from the MM16 range comprising of Longbeards, Thunderers, Crossbows, Ironbreakers, Slayers and Miners., all of which are covered in the Marauder Miniatures page. From the 1995 catalogue onwards all the Marauder stuff was absorbed into the Citadel line.

1st Army Book

Anvil of Doom

Flame Cannon, crew and Gyrocopter

Runelord Kragg the Grimm
Engineer Guildmaster Burlock Damminson
Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King
Dwarf King Kazador

Throne of Power : High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer

Gotrek & Felix

Bugman’s Dwarf Rangers (Joseph Bugman, Standard and champion, 3 troopers, the musician was later released in around 2001 with the next wave of releases and 2nd Army Book)

Painted Gotrek, Warhammer Quest Slayer &  White Dwarf 200th Issue White Dwarf

1997 saw the release of the Grudge of Drong Campaign along with some new releases:

Drong the Hard, Queen Helgar, Miner Hero Krudd’Mad’ Mattock, Runesmith Grungthe Grudge Bringer, Skagg the Stealthy


 Drunken Dwarfs

Rock Lobber

 Bolt Thrower

 Organ Gun


 Plastic Heroquest Dwarf and the unreleased metal version.


Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates (see slayer thread)

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