Thursday, 25 October 2012

In between filling in some gaps in preparation for the last page of Imperial Dwarves and starting the Norse Dwarves, I've managed to finish another unit of Pikes for my army.

These beauties are made by another member from Bugman's Brewery called White Knight, his blog along with details on how to get some are here

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The first few pictures have been done. There are a few that haven't been painted yet, I thought I'd include them for now and when they are painted I'll replace the picture.

In both the following picture as well as having one not painted, there is an extra dwarf at the end not listed in the catalogue

Also you will see a few additions like the unlisted 'eye-patch drummer'

Back to the photography.

I've finally decided on how the minis will be presented, the only thing wrong was the light box I've been using was too small to show 6 minis abreast. To remedy this I constructed a new one.

 To start with choose a decent sized box and fold the top and side flaps back.

The next stage was to cut out a square shape out of the top and also cut out the top flap. The folded over flap helps reinforces the shape of the box.

The third stage is to cut out both sides and their corresponding flaps.

Fourth stage is to tape the flaps to the frame of the box.

Stage five is to line the back panel with white paper and secure with clear tape.

Stage six is to fit the backdrop. As you can see the paper is wider than the top hole of the box so to make it fit you can cut a couple of slits either side and feed the paper through.
Once you are happy secure it with clear tape at the top of the box and underneath the bottom of the box, there is no need to tape the sides.

Stage seven is to fit some tracing paper around the box covering the side across the top and down the other side.
I used some draughtsman paper bought from a local art dealer. Any tracing paper will suffice, it helps to diffuse the light evenly inside the box.
Secure the tracing paper with clear tape all around it's edges.

 All you need now is some light, I use a lamp with daylight bulbs on either side, and your ready to take some pictures.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

First of all welcome to my first ever blog. The purpose of this blog is to showcase Dwarfs made by Citadel and Marauder Miniatures from around 1986 when they started producing their miniatures with a slotta base rather than the previous free standing (or non-slotta based as they are now known) to the present day. 

I will be using the pages from the 1991 Citadel Miniatures Red Catalogue for a point of reference and then show the corresponding mini painted. The catalogue splits the Dwarfs into 5 sections - Imperial Dwarfs, Norse Dwarfs, Adventurers, Engineers and War Machines including the Gobblobber and Gyrocopter. As far as the '91 Catalogue is concerned my collection is complete although there were a few special additions released before the publication like the Alpine Skier, Oxy O'Cetylene and the Santa Dwarf. The range of Villagers were left out all together. The plan is to show all of these releases too.

I've been a fairly active member on Bugman's Brewery since 2008 but my obsession with Dwarfs started way back in the early nineties, in fact it was down to one person featured in White Dwarf issue 135, namely Wayne England.

WD did a feature on Wayne's Longbeards...

After seeing this article I flipped to the back pages and saw that they were available by mail order, needless to say I made a phone call and was the proud owner of that very unit the following week.

 After finishing that unit I ordered some more Imperial Dwarfs and started another unit in a similar colour scheme, the obsession then took over. I actually met Wayne England at Games Day the same year as the articles and he was sitting at a desk painting up some crossbows. They looked much better in real life. It's a shame that he didn't get to show off his finished army.

Anyway after that encounter I think I ended up collecting quite a few dwarfs over the next couple of years before moving on to an undead army, then O&G, then Bretonnians.

I'm sorry to say that I sold the Dwarfs in the late nineties via eBay and was surprised how much they sold for and didn't really think any more about it.

Many moons past and many armies later I was in the middle of a Dark Elves army when I was told about Avatars of War and the quality of their Dark Elves heroes. I ended buying the Dwarf Berserker and that was it, the collection started over.

The only down side was that the prices in 2008 were a lot more expensive the second time around and could have kicked myself for selling my Dwarfs.

Second time around and after a few years painting experience I completed a unit of Imperial Dwarfs...

Over the next few weeks I will be showing some of the units I've painted since 2008 whilst I prepare and decide on a format for cataloguing them.