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Have you really got them all?

Citadel Dwarfs Part One 80’s – 1992 Catalogue

I haven’t but I’m getting there. I decided to actually see just how many different dwarfs there are since Citadel changed from the solid base releases to the slotta base back in the 80’s. It is my quest after all to paint each and every one of them

As far as I can figure out I think I have managed to find scans for most of the early stuff not included in catalogues  in order to get the numbers as near as possible to being correct. To make things more interesting I’ve included photos from my collection to illustrate where practicable. There are still a few to catalogue so the process may take a while this will be a chronological account of each of the releases.

Citadel published numerous catalogues but the main reference catalogue in my opinion was published in 1988 which included Norse, Adventurers, Imperials, Engineers and Villagers. I’ve used this catalogue as a guide seeing as the later catalogues didn’t include the Villagers and swapped a lot of the dwarfs around moving them from the Adventurers range into the Norse range etc.. So, starting back at the beginning, Citadel released quite a few scenario packs, one-off sculpts and limited editions which never made it to any of the main catalogues, many of those were then absorbed into the catalogues as Engineers and Adventurers but some were never catalogued again e.g. Osrim Chardz.

Pre 1998 Catalogue:

BC1 Adventure: Thief, Fighter.  C06 Lord, Hero & Bandit.  BDD1 Dungeon Adventurer Starter Set

ADD31 Dwarf Fighters with Axe and variants

Lord of the Rings: ME15 Gimli on foot and mounted, ME82 Personalities Pack – Thorin Oakenshield, BME1 Fellowship Gimli, ME2 Gimli,  Lord of the Rings ME33 Dwarfs 

Scenario packs:   Bloodbath at Orc’s Drift,  Terror of the Lichemaster, Death on the Reik,  Tragedy of McDeath,  The Magnificent Sven.

Inconvenienced Dwarf LE13
(apologies as I seem to have misplaced mine)

Miscellaneous releases:  Oxy O’Cetylene LE14, Talisman Dwarf, Dwarf Santa (Chester store opening LE), Green Dragon Treasure Hunter, Inferiority Complex, DS9 Slayer and dragon’s head (pre-slotta), Alpine Dwarf.

Up the Wall Gang LE21 (Kludgz, William, Armitage & Percy), Unreleased Dwarf Flasher

Lord of the Rings ME33 Dwarfs and the variants (6 axe, 6 spear and 6 sword)

Unreleased Jolly Japes/Perplexed Dwarf and clothing, C46 Town’s Folk Drunken Dwarf, Gorin Baldor, AD&D Villagers

 1998 Catalogue:

47 Norse  

 67 Adventurers  

Imperial Dwarfs  

  13 Imperial Dwarf Command

Bolt Thrower (3 crew),  Flame Cannon (3 crew)

29 Villagers 

  8 Lords of Legend

18 Engineers 

 Bugman’s Cart

Bugman’s Rangers (4 Command, 4 trooper variants) 

Prince Ulthers Imperial Dwarfs (4 Command, 4 trooper variants)

White Dwarf 133, 1991

Colin Dixon’s Norse Dwarfs 

1992 Red Catalogue: 

This included the greater majority of the releases published in the above 1988 catalogue  and some newer releases. 

9 Imperials (3 Command including an unlisted champion with mace and the unlisted eye-patch drummer, 5 crossbows & unlisted crossbow)

7 Norse (includes a previously listed ME33 Dwarf with two-handed axe)

3 Adventurers (Inferiority complex LE25 absorbed into Adventurers and catalogued as ‘Stilts’.) Fire Thrower team and Miner 2

Goblobber (6 crew, 6th member listed above with the Engineers)


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I thought I'd better give the same treatment to Dwarf Slayers and update the page. Just click the Dwarf Slayers link in the banner.

I never knew there were so many...