Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bugman's Keg Of The Covenent

The mission is to create this wagon with Bugman standing at the front of the cart. In order to do that the barrels need to be placed side-on otherwise there's no room for Bugman.

Some of you might recognise the barrels from the old flame cannon kit, they'll need a lot of greenstuff to plug the gaps.

 The other problem was that to fill the holes in the ends of the barrel. I used plastic shields for this. Which leads to another problem, they were now to wide to fit inside the wheels of the cart. I decided to build a couple of trestles for them to sit on so that the shields were now above the top of the cart wheels.

This was another great exercise in practicing wood grain, trying out a new recipe for a dark brassy colour too.

...and the completed piece.