Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dwarf Zweihanders from White Knight are done. They dragged out a bit longer than I would have liked but at least the unit is complete and I can move on to something else now. 

I used a halfling, again from White Knight for the musician as I didn't really like the bagpipes dwarf from the Zweihanders command set, I think he still fits in though.

I was looking over another blog and saw an old Marauder advert for their ogres and just had to include this one in the unit. The barrel is from my good friend Alebelly Cragfist. In his frustration of not being able to find decent barrels he commissioned this one and got them cast.

And the completed unit. A front rank of seven is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. I used to stick religiously to five so that I'd get four ranks and a nice round number. Must be an age thing.. 


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  1. Nah...7 just looks better visually IMO. Particularly with painting as good as yours!