Saturday, 8 March 2014

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Slayers (part 1).

Although Citadel Miniatures released a few similar sculpts to slayers, they were in fact dwarf berserkers. The first ever dwarf slayers were actually troll slayers released by Marauder Miniatures.

They first 5 made an appearance in White Dwarf issue 121 in 1990.

They were quickly followed by another 5 first seen in White Dwarf issue 124..

In section 3  of the Citadel catalogue (coloured green) published in 1993, all 10 appeared together.

Then for some reason in section 4 of the Citadel catalogue (coloured black) published in 1994 you will notice that the slayer in the middle of the top row now has a closed fist.

There were also some new troll slayers in the black catalogue..

an introduction to giant slayers, dragon slayers and daemon slayers.

The first ever slayer characters, King Ungrim Ironfist..

...and of course Gotrek.


  1. Interesting, I had never spotted the closed fist! (hmm here we go, another Holy Quest) But there's another Marauder slayer that you haven't mentioned: MM10/3, 3rd dwarf:

    1. I figured as I've already included him under the Clansmen, I'd leave him out. I suppose I should give him an honourable mention.