Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I've enjoyed the last couple of weeks because I've started another unit of Imperial Dwarfs. These guys have always been my first love ever since Wayne England did a unit in White Dwarf 135 all those years ago.

Now I know I already have 3 units of Imperials but the reason behind the fourth unit is the fact that I wanted to paint up the unlisted eye-patch drummer and seeing as there were also four different champions and four different leaders, I just had to do another unit. It was just a case of converting a bolt thrower crewman for a standard.

Here are the command figures...

The champion in the front left hand side group has been altered.

So the first 8 are finished, apart from a couple of shields that are still drying. I know most of them have already been done before and are in the Citadel Miniatures painted catalogue part of the blog but there simply aren't enough Imperial Dwarfs to go around, and the fact that they are classics...and the fact that I wanted to paint more!

12 more to go..



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