Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Here are some WIP shots of the next batch of five Clansmen.

All being well I should have then finished after the weekend.

I just need to finish the blues and leathers on most of them and try and add a bit of variation to the chainmail.



  1. Wait, did I see red?! I thought the color of your whole army was blue. Did you change your mind? Do you plan to repaint your previous dwarfs?

    1. Yes it is indeed red, a bit of a departure since the Dragon Company. I'm trying a few different colours out with this unit seeing as they are Clansmen and in theory they wouldn't all be dressed the same?
      I'll try to keep the majority of them blue so it doesn't look too distracting.
      I'm enjoying trying out different colours, I promise not to go too mad!